Kris Gethin: Man Of Iron, Week 11

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Week 11 is a week of ups and downs, milestones and defeats alike. One day, he’s feeling down and unmotivated about both the gym and his run afterward. Another, he’s surprising himself in his best-ever open-water swim. One day, he has to admit defeat and jump in the jeep during an epic bike ride. The next day, he and Sunshine blow away their expectations in their first-ever half-marathon—which they entered on a total whim.

The only thing that’s consistent? No matter where or when, Kris always puts in the work. Because if he doesn’t, he says, “That’s going to get exposed on race day.”

Training and Nutrition Tips:

  • Kris is insistent: This style of training is only working because he eats, supplements, and hydrates adequately—including plenty of Hydra-Charge with electrolytes—during his epic weekend adventures. If you don’t take in enough fuel, you won’t make it.
  • Bike shorts exist for a very good reason: their padded butt. If you’re spending serious hours in the saddle, get over your self-consciousness and wear them! Kris tries them on, takes a look in the mirror, and admits it: “OK, I’m a cyclist.”
  • Planning on doing an open-water swim in a wetsuit? Then train at least a little bit in one.
  • Kris has a dark day in the middle of the week. His lifting, running—nothing is fun. But as he says. “It’s days like this that really count. Because anybody can get through the bloody easy times, can’t they? Successful people in all ways, all manners, all shapes and forms, do shit sometimes they don’t want to fucking do.”
  • Training for big goals requires more than just dreaming. In Kris’ words, it demands “Blue collar hard fucking work.” If you’re not ready for that, you’re not ready, period.
  • Kris admits to having a slight apprehension when it comes to open-water swimming. His answer? Add in a little extra practice when he has a free moment. Nice and easy, nothing intense. If one event in particular is stuck in your mind, do the same.
  • See an impromptu race that looks like fun? Swap it out for your weekend run and see how all that training is paying off!

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