Review: 3 new kickass grills of summer 2017

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Desperately need to upgrade your grilling game? To make masterful BBQ creations, you need to level up your old, rusty kettle grill for something unabashedly better.


To make every backyard grilling session a trip to meat-vana, you need a sturdy BBQ with convenient, grill-enhancing features. Here are three of the best new grills around, perfect for charcoal die-hards and gas-grilling gurus. They’re guaranteed to become the focal point of your next summer cookout.

Review: 3 new kickass grills of summer 2017
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Master-Touch charcoal grill by Weber

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1. Master-Touch charcoal grill by Weber

For those new to grilling, learn some basic skills on a classic charcoal Weber. While the sometimes-finicky briquettes can be a bit of a pain, they’ll school you on proper temperature, correct placement, and just-right grilling times that are easier to fudge on a gas grill. The Master-Touch is an updated version of the old-school Weber kettle grill. It’s got a stealth lid holder, heavy gauge, hinged cooking grate for easy access to coals while cooking, and a removable aluminum ash holder on the bottom that can pack away burnt bits. A sold-separately Gourmet BBQ System allows you to add on all kinds of cool cooking accessories like a pizza stone, wok, sear grate, and poultry roaster. ($219,

Akorn Kamado charcoal grill by Char-Griller

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2. Akorn Kamado charcoal grill by Char-Griller

Step up to the Kamado BBQing arena. This egg-shaped Japanese charcoal grill is made of triple-insulated steel that holds heat like ceramic, allowing it to reach lava-hot (OK, not that hot) temps. The unit can go from 200°—the temperature you need for smoking—to 700°—perfect for restaurant-quality, wood-fired pizza—and cooks food evenly with little to no flare-ups. You don’t have to worry about scorching your food either. The 20" cast-iron cooking grate is far from the coals. Handy flip-out side shelves store utensils and accessories including pizza-and-meat-smoking stones and a cast-iron grate lifter. Oh, and emptying the ash is quick and painless because the whole bottom just clips on and off. ($299,

Signature Series 4 burner gas grill by Char-Broil

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3. Signature Series 4 burner gas grill by Char-Broil

There’s nothing more satisfying than turning a knob, clicking a button, then—whoosh!—seeing that instant blaze of fire licking through the grates. It’s almost as satisfying as hearing the sear as you slap down some juicy meat. The Char-Broil Signature Series grills from Char-Broil are a great choice for the seasoned grill master who’s ready for more chillin’ in his grillin’. It features stainless steel construction (that includes the grates and burners) to ward off rust, a special zonal cooking system that lets you better control high and low heat areas, and a 13,000 BTU side burner that lets you simmer sauces or heat up some beans while you throw down on the main grill. This baby really gets cranking when you turn up the heat. It can reach 600°+ without breaking a sweat. ($529.99,

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