Subversive Fitness: Day 147 of 360

Day 147 of 360

Kettlebell push press:

7 x 2L, 2R @ as heavy as possible in each set, adjusting as needed

2 x 5L, 5R @ 75% of heaviest set above


Rest as needed between sets. If sets require interruption, make as minor an adjustment as needed to complete a strong, uninterrupted next set. When scheme is listed as “7 x 2L, 2R″, it always refers to “Sets” x “Reps”. Reminder: Position and range of motion always govern weight, and overhead is not a relative position.


Then, 3 rounds of:


10 Kettlebell high pull @ heaviest above

10 Kettlebell halo + extension (up to) @ 50% of heaviest above

10 Kettlebell high pull @ (up to) heaviest above

:30 sec. rest

10 Push-up/ Plyometric push-up

10 calories Airdyne @ 100%

100 Jumprope

1 minute rest


Weights/ movements are scaled to ability to allow for organized, uninterrupted sets. Move quickly, but do not sacrifice movement quality, range of motion, or composure; with attention paid, they all work together.



And then, “Time under tension”:


Single Kettlebell rack hold @ heaviest above + 30 calories Airdyne (alternating 5c arms + legs/ 5c arms-only) @ cool-down pace


Lift and hold in strong, organized kettlebell rack position, switching arms as desired/ needed. Work to “True” failure (loss of physical positioning) not “Relative” failure (loss of mental endurance). If time reaches two minutes, you may stop if desired. If time is under two minutes, do it again, and accumulate at least two total minutes.


Stand strong and organized- tension helps build strength, provided we stay engaged in the process.


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