Shortcut To Size: Phase 1, Week 1, Day 1

Jim Stoppani’s 12-Week Shortcut To Size Chest/Triceps/Calves
Watch The Video – 14:04


Some people think “day one” means an easy day — orientation, paperwork, nothing serious. Not here. You better be ready to lift, because my Shortcut to Size workouts will take everything you have, every time.

Before you even step foot in the gym, make sure you’ve got headphones in your ears. A study I did with the Weider Research Group shows significant strength gains across all lifts when athletes train to their favorite tunes.

If you’re tired of your playlist and need new music, check out my favorite chest and tri jams. Got suggestions of your own? Add ’em to the comments section at the bottom of this page — after you lift, that is.

Since this is your first time through Microcycle 1, take your time choosing the right weight. You should fail between 12-15 reps. If you don’t pick the proper weight on your first set, don’t worry. Add or subtract 5 pounds and try again on the next set.

Remember to watch each workout video this week for special tips on exercise technique, intensity, and more.


Terms You’ll Need To Know

Rest-Pause: During weeks one and two of each phase of the program, you will do a rest-pause set as the last set of each exercise. To do this, reach muscle failure on the last set, then rack the weight and rest 15 seconds. Then continue the set until you reach muscle failure again.

Warm-up Sets: Perform 1-2 warm-up sets of 12-15 reps on the first exercise for all body parts, except abs and calves. Warm-up sets lubricate the joints, send blood to the working muscle, and prepare your body for a heavier load. After your warm-up sets, dive directly into the working sets below!

Day 1: Chest/Triceps/Calves

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