The Back Day Motivation You Didn’t Know You Needed

It’s easy to talk about embracing the grind, focusing on the work at hand, and maximizing every rep. It’s a lot harder to do it. Sometimes, the best way is to strip every non-essential from your training and focus only on doing battle with the fundamentals.

And in the case of world-class bodybuilder Evan Centopani, a back workout comprised of just two moves—the barbell bent-over row and the barbell deadlift—can turn into a cinematic battle that’s essential viewing before your next back day.

Control IFBB Pro Evan Centopani’s Bodybuilding Motivation
Watch the video: 05:16


Centopani’s 12-week program Iron Intelligence is unlike anything else has ever offered in its blend of simplicity and intensity. Test yourself against the Friday workout from phase 1 this weekend, or dive into the entire plan!

Evan Centopani’s Iron Intelligence, Day 5: Back


2 warmup sets of 15, 20 reps followed by 5 working sets of 6-10 reps


2 warmup sets of 8-10 reps followed by 5 working sets of 6-10 reps


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