Road to Conviction: Season 2, Episode 11: Broken – Journal Preview video by CrossFit® View on YouTube

In Season 1 of “Road to Conviction” we met Fletcher Tholin. Then 26, Tholin found CrossFit while incarcerated. After his release, Tholin made CrossFit the foundation of his life, and it’s changed his outlook and his goals.

In the final episode of Season 2, Tholin is struggling as he tries to balance work, life, school and CrossFit. After a less-than-ideal performance in the 2016 Open, Tholin is discouraged.

“Maybe I put my expectations too high,” he says. “Maybe I thought greater things were going to come than what came. Maybe that’s my fault for having too high of expectations, but it’s discouraging.”

Tholin’s girlfriend, Caroline Williams, is his biggest supporter, but she’s struggling with his disappointment, too.

“I constantly try and remind him of all the little doors that (CrossFit) opened,” Williams says. “We met each other and fell in love … . Sometimes I just think he loses sight of the little things.”

To be continued in Season 3.

Video by Gary Roberts.

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