Road to Conviction: Season 2, Episode 9: As Good as It Gets – Journal Preview video by CrossFit® View on YouTube

In Season 1 of “Road to Conviction” we met Fletcher Tholin. Then 26, Tholin found CrossFit while incarcerated. After his release, Tholin made CrossFit the foundation of his life, and it’s changed his outlook and his goals.

In the ninth episode of Season 2, Tholin is stuck working a long shift while Open Workout 15.3 is announced. When it’s time to head to the gym, he says he’s in a negative head space.

“I haven’t heard one positive word in the past two weeks,” CrossFit 557 member Shane McBride says of Tholin.

Although Tholin’s circumstances are always improving, he struggles with the fear of reaching a plateau in life and in CrossFit.

“I’m excited about my life, and I’m grateful for where I am right now,” he says. “But there’s also a fear in me that this is the top, that I’m not going to go any farther than this.”

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