Road to Conviction: Season 2, Episode 10: Remember When – Journal Preview video by CrossFit® View on YouTube

In Season 1 of “Road to Conviction” we met Fletcher Tholin. Then 26, Tholin found CrossFit while incarcerated. After his release, Tholin made CrossFit the foundation of his life, and it’s changed his outlook and his goals.

In Episode 10 of Season 2, Tholin reflects on his time in prison.

“Prison’s not a positive environment,” he says, “nor are the people there doing positive things, nor do the people there have positive plans for the future.”

Today, positive things are happening in Tholin’s life—one of them being the announcement of Open Workout 15.5.

“I’m fuckin’ excited about it,” he says of the thruster/row couplet that is right in his wheelhouse.

Later, Tholin travels to StormFront CrossFit in Crystal Lake, Illinois, to throw down on 15.5 with old friend and former Regionals athlete Justin Dewing.

Video by Gary Roberts

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